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Emma Hill

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"Emma was a pleasure to work with! Not only was she able to produce excellent content according our campaign guidelines, she was also quick about turning around edited images."

– Hafsa, Brand Manager at ModCloth

I’m a self-portrait photographer, freelance model, influencer, and author with an MA in English. When I was rejected from modeling agencies, I decided to start my own business. I got tired of the back and forth “cat & mouse” type of conversations I was having, while throwing out hundreds of dollars redoing my portfolio to please agencies. Each time I redid my portfolio, I was proud of the images I created and felt I grew with each new set. Agencies said I wasn’t ready, but I knew I was. So, I went into business by myself, for myself.

Being an influencer started organically by posting the photos I was making and tagging brands. I always knew I wanted to model for other photographers and brands, but I also wanted to model for myself and execute my own creative ideas. I have now found the perfect balance of being a model as an influencer by taking my own photos, working with brands I love, and creating images I’m proud of.


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