Welcome to our new blog!

We are Connor & Emma. We are long distance lover’s documenting our lives living separately, but together. Connor lives in Vermont and Emma lives in New York. Here we will be discussing travel, lifestyle, and primarily how we make our relationship work while living long distance. We will be doing individual posts as well and not everything will be about our relationship. We are excited!


So why “lover’s notch”? In Vermont, there is a place called Smuggler’s Notch. It’s up in the mountains and filled with opportunity for skiing, hiking, camping, mountain biking, rock climbing… you name it. When we first started dating, our first hike together was in Smuggler’s Notch and then later, he (sort of) taught me to ski there. We also had our first camping trip together there (on top of Madonna mt. to be exact). It is just a place we have found ourselves at often and still return to.

A notch is a deep and narrow pass in between mountains. You have to drive through one to get to Smuggs and it. is. terrifying. It’s tiny, narrow, curvy, oh and it’s only a single lane with two-way traffic. It is SO small that large trucks and tractor trailors are not allowed to go through it (but EVERY year, someone still tries and then has to get towed away). It is also closed off in the winter because let’s be real here… good luck. Right?

Smuggler’s Notch, VT 2019

Anyway, we decided to call our little blog lover’s notch, because our relationship is a lot like that narrow, risky, dangerous, curvy road. We know what we signed up for by agreeing to a long distance relationship and it’s been a journey. Some days are more difficult than others. We are still trying to figure out how to make it work. But I like to think of Vermont as a mountain and New York as a mountain, and we are traveling through a notch between the two to reach each other.

That was lame, but hey. It’s true.

We are so excited to share this experience. A lot might ask, “so what’s the big deal? Vermont is right next to New York.” It is only a five hour drive if you drive straight through. We know a lot of people probably have waaaay longer distance of relationships. A friend of ours had one across the country! We are so SO happy that we only live a five hour difference, but it’s still a five hour difference. We see each other once or twice a month because we are both just so busy and also living our independent lives. That’s what makes us a unique couple, I think. We could see each other every week if we wanted (which we do, don’t get me wrong), but money is tight and we each have our own lives that we live as well. We come together when we can.

We hope you enjoy our new little blog and there is definitely more to come!

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