Meet Connor

Connor 11-23-19
Hoodie: LL Bean
Processed with VSCO with c9 preset

Connor is the “him” part of this blog. He’s the co-creator, but also the backseat driver. Emma will primarily do the fun, creative, writing stuff, while he does the logical, business, analytical side of things.

I definitely don’t want to write from Connor’s perspective. I think that’d be a little strange. I asked Connor to describe himself and he said “I mean, I’m outdoorsy and I like to get my hands dirty.” So like, total opposite of me.

Connor’s downhill bike
Helmet & Gloves: Fox, Jersey & Goggles: 100%, Shorts: Dakine, Shoes: Five Ten, Bike Shocks: Fox, Bike Frame: Evil, Wheels: E Thirteen, Bars: Cromag, Photographer: Ian Prescott Smith

Connor is an avid mountain biker and skiier. Depending on the season.. obv. His day job is a mechanical design engineer and that’s what he got his degree in. His main hobby is biking. He builds his own bikes from the ground up by sourcing the most durable, cheapest options he can find and building up from there. He does road biking, general mountain biking, and downhill riding. Apparently you need a different type of bike for each of these sectors. His dream is to design bikes, but the only places to do that are like.. out west. We’re not trying to be THAT long distance.. yikes.

He lives in Vermont where he was born and raised. This is obviously the perfect place for him to flourish in his hobbies. Some of Connor’s favorite places to bike and ski are Smuggler’s Notch, Killington, Sugarbush, and Bolton.

Connor’s mountain bike
Frame: Evil

Connor was in boyscouts up until he graduated high school. So like.. mountain man to the max, right? He took me on my first REAL camping trip last year in the summer of 2018. And I am talking like, in a tent, no bathroom, top of the mountain, BYOFire.. We cooked food by wrapping it in tinfoil and throwing it in the fire. This did NOT taste good. I don’t recommend.

On that note, I learned that I f***ing hate camping, but I’ll do it for him.

He’s been skiing for over twelve years and *tried* teaching me to ski last year by skiing backwards and holding my hands down the mountain.. sounds cute until you get punched in the ribs.

And yes you read that right. This guy can ski BACKWARDS. DOWNHILL.. Like, wtf?

Jacket & pants: Armada, Helmet: Bern, Goggles: Oakley, Boots: Dabello, Skis: K2

I asked Connor why he wants to be a part of this blog and he said, “I want to do the blog primarily because you want to, and I want to be a part of your life, but I’ve also always tried to be well-rounded and I feel like I’m lacking on experience in the arts. I’m very logical and calculated and I feel like this will give me a different perspective on stuff.” Cute.

It’s important to mention Connor is also my main photographer. He likes photography as an additional little hobby, but I make him take most of my photos. Pro-tip: get your s/o to be your photog so you can make sure they only get your best angles.

Connor 10-19-19
Jacket: Patagonia

For you zodiac lovers, Connor is an Aquarious like me. We are both introverts as well, but he’s a little more reserved and quiet than I am. And yes, the blog was my idea, but he contributed as well. About a year ago, he told me I should start a “BDSM on a budget” blog (oh yeah.. this will happen on THIS blog). At the time I thought he was kidding, but he said it again and over time the idea became more appealing. Maybe not like, an entire blog dedicated to BDSM on a budget, but it sounded like a good idea for a blog POST. Yes, you read that right. Stay tuned.

Connor’s road/gravel bike
Helmet: Giro, Jersey & pants: Pearl Izumi, Glasses & gloves: Oakley, Bike frame: Bombtrack

Connor has very tangible advice even if he thinks he doesn’t. He IS well-rounded and helps keep my head down from the clouds. He also comes up with a lot of good ideas which why I thought having a his&her blog would be a good idea.

Also, we’re total opposites. So that’s always fun.

You can see more of Connor’s bike creations and mountain adventures on his Instagram.

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