Emma 10-5-19

Hello, hello friends! I’m Emma, the other creator of this blog. I will most likely be doing all of the writing – while Connor stays in the scene, but behind the scenes, if you know what I mean.

Get ready for this post because I’m a whirlwind. Actually, both Connor and my mother describe me as a tornado – because I come in and I’m crazy, moving everywhere all the time, never settling, likes to stir things up, and often cause destruction… Yep. That basically sums it up.

Like most people in their early twenties, I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m starting this blog as a creative outlit that somehow calms me down and also adheres to my short attention span. I get bored easily.

Okay enough rambling. It’s always tricky to describe yourself, but let’s go for it.

I am your quirky, blunt, brutally honest creator of Lover’s Notch. If I were to write a biography, it would be called A Closet Full of Dresses and I Still Need More. I’m not a shoe girl, I’m a dress girl. I. love. dresses. Preferably from thrift stores, but I’ll bang a buck if I find something I really like. I’ll wear the same shoes for ten years until there are holes in the bottom of them (goodbye beloved combat boots, I still miss you). I’ll get a new dress before shoes any day, even if that means being barefoot.

Emma 10-28-19
Beret: SheIn

And speaking of books, I am kind of an author. I don’t mean that in a sarcastic, narcissitic “oh by the way” tone (ew), I mean it in the sense that like I don’t call myself an author, but like, I kind of am? Idk – I wrote and self-published a book of poems called Bittersweet. It’s my child and I am very proud of it. It took about three years to write, but roughly six months to come to full fruition with images and such. It’s not the best quality; I never had an editor or anything. I paid someone to be my graphic designer and we kept it pretty chill. I’m not sure what is next for my little book, but for now I just go to open mic nights and read from it to promote it. It was more of something I just wanted to do for myself, but you can purchase it here .

I am writing other books as well. I have sooo many ideas. I write little poems when they come to me, which unfortunately has not been often as of recently because my work and school load have just been next level.

Emma 10-5-19
Photo by Erin Willey
Dress: SheIn, Belt: my mom’s closet!

I graduated from a small private college near my hometown in New York. I got a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and was the only English major in my entire graduating class. Yeah.. it was a small place, but English is also a dying program, more on that later.

I love books. My favorite author is F. Scott Fitzgerald. My favorite is Tender is the Night, if we’re getting specific.

Throughout my time at college, I worked as a nanny and substitute teacher. When I graduated, I planned to go to grad school for teaching English. I did one semester, hated the program, transferred schools and started a new program for getting a masters in Fitness & Wellness.

I very VERY quickly realized this was a mistake and there was a LOT of math and science – and like.. I’m a writer. It’s been a whirlwind, but I am now transferring AGAIN to a third grad school and going back to pursuing a degree in teaching english. Without getting into too much detail, I was pressured to go to these other schools, but now I’m finally going to go to the one I originally wanted to go to.

The interest in the Fitness & Wellness program comes from my extensive history of being a fitness addict. As mentioned before, I learned it was a lot of math and science and I am just not about that. I was just trying to teach people how to lift weights and have a decent diet. Not learn each and every individual muscle fiber or the function of the left ventricle (wtf is that even?) or memorize the order of every plate in the spine. It was like training to be a doctor, except I’d imagine that is way worse. Needless to say, I learned that fitness should stay a hobby and not a career for me.

On that note, team sports were never my thing. I grew up doing karate and got my black belt at age twelve. I don’t remember any of it, which is super convenient. Now for the past three or four years, I’ve been working with different personal trainers and following meal plans. The struggle to find a good trainer is REAL, but this is not the post for that. I’ve finally found one that works with my goals and I just do whatever they say and stick to my meal plan.

All while this has been happening, I worked as a nanny, a substitute teacher, a special ed teacher, and I started pursuing modeling.

It is difficult to post new photos of me because I had red hair throughout my modeling experience and now I recently went back to my natural dark brown. I’m intentionally leaving redhead Emma off this blog because I am setting that time aside in my life and starting new. I am still going to pursue modeling, but moving forward, I am approaching it differently based on the experiences I’ve had this past year. I’ll get into that in another post.

Show: High-Tech Moda for NYFW 2019
Designer: Laura Marino

The red hair… again, that’s another post. It got too expensive (like $90 a month) and I wanted to go back to my roots (literally my root color). It was fun, but I’m happy I went back to my natural. I had red hair throughout high school as well. It’s always fun to mix it up.

Processed with MOLDIV
Photography by Jessica Montgomery

I’m an Aquarious sun, Capricorn moon, and Taurus Rising for my astrology lovers out there. I am very introverted like Connor. It is interesting to pair two Aquarious. We both like our space and independence, but are also obsessed with each other. Hence.. Lover’s Notch..

That was dumb.

Currently, I’m working as a barista at Starbucks while going transferring to a new school and program. Nothing glamourous. Your average gal in their early twenties trying to figure out what she’s doing.

The most important part of this post is to introduce the real star of the show.. my child, my life, my love.

Processed with VSCO with c9 preset

This is Clover – or as we like to say, Queen Clover. She is my sassy bunny that gets what she wants. She has her own instagram and is truly the star of the show. She is almost three years old and her breed is mini lop. I found her on SALE at the pet store because the other bunnies did not like her and they bit at her and left her ears bloody. She definitely prefers being an only child. Anytime I’ve brought her around another rabbit, she wants to like, kill it.

She really is very sweet… when she gets what she wants. But like, same?

You can check out more of me and my day-to-day life on my Instagram.


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