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Hello December 1st…

Cheesy post alert… but like seriously.. I LOVE advent calendars. It’s not just because they are a countdown until Christmas. I actually don’t like that because then the Christmas season is over and I love this time of the year. I’m obsessed with advent calendars because I love the idea that someone was out and about and they saw a small object and thought, “oop! Emma would love!”

Anyone else???

Anyway, my mom gives me an advent calendar every year. It used to be a tradition for my nana and me to try and find the BEST advent calendar to send to each other when she lived in Florida. Unfortunately, since she passed away three years ago, my mom started to give me advent calendars again.

Last year when I was living in Vermont with Connor, she made my advent a little extra special because I wasn’t living at home with her. She filled it with my favorite teas and old xmas ornaments that said my name so I could hang them on our little tree in the apartment and make it feel more like home.

Here is a throwback to last December with red-head Emma, just so you can see this amazing little tree we got for the apartment.

December 2018

Connor had a fantastic idea last December. He said, “Next year we should do advent calendars for each other.” Me, loving gifts of all sorts, was thrilled.

I definitely forgot about this after the holiday season ended. I didn’t remember it until the beginning of November this year. I reminded him and asked if he still wanted to do it. We both were unsure because it came up so quickly, but we decided to do it. We figured this would be a perfect idea for us as a long distance couple now that I am living at home with my mom again.

Also.. like.. two advent calendars..

Listen I’m not trying to go bonkers and be crazy about getting gifts. My mom stuffed my advent with tea and old ornaments and I got excited. It’s truly the little things.

So anyway, we decided to do it. Long distance relationships are difficult, but a little daily gift will count down the days until we get to see each other again. Also, we decided to get a little creative and make sure the days we are together have special gifts so we can be there for the reactions!

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The doors are so small that it is very difficult to find anything to fit in them besides candy, but like.. boring. Especially for a fitness freak who wont eat it anyway (me). We already had the one golden tree advent calendar because it was going to be my nana’s, but sadly, she passed away before I could give it to her. We knew we needed another so we naturally went to Target and found the one with the little windows and doors and trees on top. I’m going to add some fluff to the trees to make it look like there’s snow on them too!

Now, I guess we kind of cheated. My mom usually fills some of the doors with hints to a larger gift that obviously won’t fit. Connor and I filled ours for each other with 24/25 things that don’t fit in the doors…

Now I put little hints in mine for him that are for larger gifts. I just took little stickers that have a relative theme to the larger gift and then he opens the gift with the day number on it. This a**hole put MATH EQUATIONS in mine. I have to figure out the answer to the math equation and open the corresponding gift. He knows I’m so bad at math. He made them “easy” for me, yet I got the first one wrong for December 1st.. three times in a row.

We kept a budget of $10 and under for the doors, but we went over that for a few of them too. We’re bad at this.

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OKOK here’s the real part of the post you want. Advent calendars are such a cute idea for long distance couples, but even for couples who live together, too. It’s sweet to fill each door with a little gift. They don’t need to cost money, either. Here is a list of ideas for adult advent calendars:

  • candy (boring, but really)
  • love notes
  • acts of service (massages, bubble baths, cooking meals, smexy time) (CONNOR WHEN YOU READ THIS I WANT A BACK MASSAGE xx)
  • yoga classes
  • chapstick
  • lotion
  • hints for larger gifts (Connor gave me a hat I wanted from a local shop in Burlington, and I gave him a plant!)
  • small batches of coffee
  • tea satchets
  • gift cards
  • a flashdrive or SD card with photos on it of your adventures (or sexy ones, hubba hubba)
  • mini bottles of alcohol
  • lottery tickets/scratch-offs
  • Tickets for a vacation or small road trip
  • treats for their pet!

I wish I could give more ideas, but I suppose they’ll have to come once I’ve opened the rest of mine!

We are well aware how lame this is, honestly. My mom walked in on us taking those photos above and called us dorks. We are. 200%. And we like it.


Adding to this! Now that xmas is over, I can list what Connor and I gave to each other in our advents.

– Mio liquid water enhancers. We. Love. These. Especially the lemonade flavor. So good. The fruit punch is amazing too.

– Ornaments! Connor surprised me with a custom “Lover’s Notch” ornament and I nearly cried. It was so sweet.

– Camping gear. I gifted Connor with camping utensils and a mini french press (so he doesn’t smash mine again…)

Pins! Connor got me bunny pins and Starbucks pins to deck out my apron at work.

Poems… my mom did this in mine. My nana has written a ton of poems when she was 13, and my mom made copies and used them as advent gifts. They were so sweet and my mom also coordinated them to sort of match my relationship with Connor as most of the poems were written about skiing and such! Sometimes I swear my nana predicted my relationship with Connor. She passed down her ornaments to us when she passed away and we got them out for the first time last Christmas and guess what was in there… a small wooden Vermont ornament. She grew up in New York and then moved to Florida… she didn’t have any other state as an ornament.. just a Vermont one.


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