Connor & Emma
Syracuse, NY
Photo by Erin Willey

There’s really nothing better than a good cup of coffee. Am I right? I mean, unless you’re a tea drinker. I’m both, but if I had to pick between the two, I’d pick coffee.

Connor was never much of either. He’s never liked tea, but he wasn’t much of a coffee drinker before meeting me. Our first time meeting was at a coffee shop – a Barnes & Noble Starbucks to be exact. He ordered coffee. He thinks this is how he became a coffee drinker moving forward, hehe. I ordered a mint tea, something I rarely enjoy. Not a fan of mint anything.

If we’re getting specific – I prefer coffee in the morning & tea in the afternoon. Connor prefers coffee at any time of the day. He doesn’t like tea at all. Can’t relate. My fav is earl grey. That has nothing to do with this, just sharing some fun facts.

Connor & Emma
Syracuse, NY
Photo by Erin Willey

At first, finding coffee shops meant nothing at all. Just an average fun date for us. I think I’d blame my job at Starbucks for getting me more into the art of making coffee & coffee tasting. I’ve become fascinated with tasting different kinds of coffee and learning their origins. It’s also very interesting to try coffee brewed in different ways and tasting that difference. Connor and I both prefer black coffee, so that’s a big part of why this is such a fun new hobby for us. It may not be for you if you prefer cream or sugar in coffee.

Neither Connor or myself are big on drinking alcohol. He is a little more open to it than I am and he enjoys a beer or a glass of whiskey every now & then. I personally don’t like alcohol at all. I’m not against it or anything, I just don’t like the taste or how it makes me feel. I drink maybe once a year and it’s like half a glass of champagne – if even that. I haven’t had a drop of alcohol in over a year. It’s just not for me.

Connor used to be more into drinking during his college partying days, but since he has graduated, that pastime has long gone. So since we both don’t really care for alcohol, going to bars or wine tasting is not something that sounds appealing to us. We’re also two broke college kids. Trying new drinks or new restaurants isn’t exactly in our budget. Coffee tasting has become the perfect solution for a way to spend time together and bond over trying something new. We love finding local coffee shops and trying their new blends. We also always go to Starbucks and try their new coffees because… like.. partner perks, so like, discounted coffee.. not sorry.

Connor & Emma
Syracuse, NY
Photo by Erin Willey

Believe me, I know there’s better coffee out there than Starbucks coffee. I used to spend $12 on a small bag of really yummy organic coffee called Kicking Horse Coffee. Obsessed. So good. Buutttttt…. I get discounts & markouts at Starbucks. So I pivot. I adapt. I work with what I have.

Anyway, that was a tangent. Starbucks also offers Reserve Coffees that are fun to try. Only select locations have them. Connor and I like to taste the Reserves side by side with the multiple origin coffees to taste the difference that makes the Reserves cost nearly $20 extra. I’d never buy an actual bag, but it’s fun to taste test.

When Connor and I took a trip to New York City last September, we went to the Starbucks Roastery in Chelsea. We noticed there was an “experience” to taste test the same coffee brewed two different ways. This sounded like a lot of fun, but not for $18. I figured we could do this together at home for a lot cheaper. Correct me if I’m wrong. IDK how many coffees you get to taste test. So when we got back, that was one of the first things we wanted to do. We went to Starbucks and tried the same coffee brewed two different ways. We did a comparrison of Starbucks Guatemala blend brewed as a pour over versus on the Clover press machine. The difference was insane. Clover press makes an astounding difference.

We suggest looking into local coffee shops and trying their blends. We also love Cafe Kubal in Syracuse & Catalyst Coffee in Vermont. & Obviously Starbucks. These are places we find ourselves going back to frequently. & before any greater coffee snobs @ me for Starbucks – look into the Stabucks Reserves, honestly. I’m not a huge fan of the reserves, but if you’re looking to try some really expensive high quality coffee.. They are just fun to try in general! & only select stores offer them.

Syracuse, NY
Photo by Nataliya Karpov
Blouse: Thrifted!, Beret: SheIn, Skirt: Modcloth – similar

Side noteeeee… coffee shop dates are perfect place for discussing sex. It can be quiet, but still in public. A tip about sex talk is do it in a public place. Sex talk in the bedroom can be… weird. Awkward. You feel under pressure because it’s so intimate. Turning it into a casual conversation over coffee takes the pressure away from trying to please your partner about what you like versus don’t like. At least that’s what I’ve found.

Anyway, this was just a cute & fun little post we thought we’d share. Happy tasting!

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