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I asked what you guys wanted to see next on the blog via Instagram and Facebook and got some awesome feedback of ideas. Some of the answers are good for a later date, so there’s definitely more to come; However, most of the responses were just general questions that don’t really deserve a full blog post. You know?

Before I dive into this, let’s do a little update. I spent Valentine’s Day driving to Vermont to see Connor and celebrate our birthday weekend. Yes, we actually share a birthday.. Sort of. His is Feb 11th and mine is Feb 15th. Anyway, we mostly just stayed in for the weekend, went to our favorite places, and relaxed.


& I have red hair again! I know you’re probably wondering what color my hair ever is because of how often I change it. I missed the red, you know? I am well aware of going into a long post about how expensive it was and wanting to change things up…. yah. I change my mind 800x a day. Queen of indecisiveness over here. Don’t care. I’m still going to hold off from posting photos yet, simply because I don’t have any, but I also need to bust out a few shots from previous shoots, first!

OK SO I decided to do a random Q&A! I think this is a fun way to get to know us a little more and break up some of the heavier posts. I think I’ll do posts like these every so often.

So let’s dig into it.

How do you feel about animal prints? – Not a fan. I hate animal prints and florals. It needs to be a reeallly cute piece of clothing for me to want to rock either pattern. I’ve never owned anything animal print, though. Not my vibe. I like small staples, like an all black outfit with a leopard print shoe or something, but even that I wouldn’t do. (I’m assuming this Q is just for me, bc Connor couldn’t give two shits for fashion).

Are you usually early or late? – I am chronically late for everything all the time. Lately, I’ve gotten better. I learned that being late feels really shitty and arriving early feels really nice because it gives me time to get settled and relax before whatever it is I need to do. I also hate feeling rushed, but that is typically my default mode regardless. Connor is always early. I could learn a thing or two from him.

What are you most looking forward to in the next ten years? – Definitely studying abroad in England next winter & building our tiny home. Connor is most excited for financial stability and being able to do the things we want to do without being so worried about money.

What is the last fun thing you’ve done? – Depends on what the definition of “fun” is… haha. I have a lot of fun. I dress up as a princess and do birthday parties. I was Elsa over the weekend and always have fun doing that. I had vocal lessons on Sunday which is fun for me. If we’re talking like, fun fun, I haven’t done anything in awhile. But, seeing CATS on Broadway for the second time in Boston last month was definitely loads of fun! The last fun thing Connor did was go to Ray’s Indoor Bike Park in Ohio earlier in the month. He had a blast, his friend broke his ankle. I didn’t go, obviously. Some things are better for us to do separate, lollllz. I can hardly ride a normal bike.

Do you have any book recommendations? – Loads. Where do I start? I particularly love classic novels. Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald is my favorite book of all time. Anything by Fitzgerald, really. I also love this book called What I Was by Meg Rosoff. I am also obsessed with these poetry books I dig into in this post . That’s pretty much it for poetry books right now. More novels.. uhh.. It’s so tricky for me because I got a BA in English Lit, so I’ve read more books than I can count. I adore the gothics. Frankenstein, Dracula.. Mostly because looking into the literary criticism of them is widly interesting. I recently listened to the audiobook for Neil Gaimen’s The Graveyard Book which was so entertaining. Very good. Connor and I both loved To Shake the Sleeping Self audiobook by Jedidiah Jenkins. Connor doesn’t read as much as I do, so again, I’m taking over for this post. Haha. Ooooo, another really good book I just thought of is Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy. If you want to read something really f***ed up, read Jude. Again, anything by Hardy is incredible. Do I really need to mention the Harry Potter series in this post? Like, is JK Rowling considered a second Shakespeare yet? I feel like that’s a given. Anyway, I’m Slytherin house (duh). Seriously, I could go on forever with incredible books.. I’ve read soo many. These are just what I thought of off the top of my head.

What city would you most like to live in? – Sigh, New York. I’d love to live in New York. Or maybe Seattle, but that’s a little far. Maybe London, but again, too far. Definitely New York, but I also want a tiny house, so like, those don’t really go hand in hand. We aren’t sure where we’ll end up with our tiny house on wheels. Ideally, I’d love if we both worked from home and had a mobile tiny home so we could travel the country with it as often as we wanted, but I don’t know how plausible that’d be. Connor would love to live in Vancouver because of the mountain biking opportunties.

How often do you binge watch shows? – Once a year when the new Stranger Things season comes out & that’s it. I never watch shows or movies, like ever. Maybe once a month or every two months I’ll sit and watch a episode of something, or a movie. Connor binge watches shows a little more than I do, but not religiously.

The most surprising/unexpected thing you’ve learned from a long distance relationship? – The most unexpected thing we’ve learned from an LDR is that we prefer it… at least right now. What most people don’t know is that we did live together for ten months and then decide to go back to being long distance. & as much as we miss each other, I need my space & he needs his. We definitely don’t want this forever and some days are more difficult than others, but right now it’s what works for us and quite frankly saved our relationship & made it stronger. We go into this a little bit more in this post.

Hi, are you into tiny houses? – Hi! Yes! We are planning on building our own.

Ok! That’s it for now. We hope you enjoyed this random little Q&A to help get to know us a little better. Let me know if we should do more in the future!


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Opinions are all our own.


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