I recently had the pleasure of helping my photographer friends Kat & Corey build up their boudoir portfolio. They posted that they were looking for models, either individuals or couples, so I obv reached out. Unfortunately, the shoot was planned for a weekend Connor wasn’t with me in Syracuse, but that’s okay. I’ll convince him to do one with me someday.. someday.

I appreciate Kat & Corey’s concept so much. Their goal is to attract individuals who may want to try boudoir, but are too nervous to. I like to call this, soft boudoir. Which can be a great start to working your way up to a more riskay boudoir shoot, if you wanted to. Both are equally fun and sexy. I have only ever had soft boudoir photoshoots, but I did walk in the Underground show during Syracuse Fashion week dressed as David Bowie & wearing nothing more than a G-string, five inch glitter boots, & nipple pasties. So, like, that’s basically the same thing.

I remember saying to Connor, “did I really just do that?” and “I can’t believe I just did that.” after the fashion show. LOL. I mean, I still kind of can’t, but it was also some of the most fun I’ve ever had! Would 10/10 do it again.

Okay, so back to boudoir shoots. I love Kat & Corey’s concept of soft boudoir. I am more than sure that they’d openly do a more revealing boudoir shoot if the client wanted, but that was not the goal of this shoot.

The purpose of this shoot was to be fun and playful, but also sultry and seductive. It was helpful that their cat, Lady, really wanted to be in the photos and kept jumping on the bed. This brought a lot of laughs, and even more retakes.

I’d also argue that it is helpful when you know the photographers. I understand that this is not an option for most people, so perhaps finding a photographer you’re interested in working with and planning a regular portrait photoshoot before a boudoir one. That could be helpful if you’re more on the shy side.

So what is the purpose of doing a boudoir shoot?!!??!

Well, for starters, they’re so much fun!

As I’ve mentioned in the past, it was my dream to be a Victoria’s Secret model. Boudoir shoots just make me feel like I am living that dream.

Boudoir shoots are also fantastic confidence builders. I was in my “off-season” from bodybuilding during this shoot with Kat & Corey. I never thought I’d do something like this in my off-season. The purpose of off-season is to gain a few pounds of muscle and fat so when you cut down again, you have more muscle definition (aka more washboard abs). This type of training isn’t for everyone, but it became my passion. That can be saved for another post. My point is that I did not think I’d ever do a shoot like this, especially after gaining some lbs in my off-season. But! When we are approached with good opportunities in life, we take them! Or at least I do.

I felt confident doing this shoot, regardless of being at the end of my off-season. It’s also helpful when the photographers seem pleased about how the photos are coming out. Not in a werid/creepy way.. but like, “Oh wow! Look at this one!” type of manner.

I can’t really explain how or whyyy I felt confident. Like I said, knowing who you’re working with helps a ton, but I had my hair done, my makeup was on point, and I just felt good.

I’d also suggest finding some lingerie that you really like. The black lace onepiece is my favorite thing I own. It’s from Victoria’s Secret, but I got it on clearance, or with a coupon. I like, refuse to pay full price there. Realistically, because I can’t afford to. Again, not the point of this post.

Is this confusing? Lemme make some bullet points.


  • Find a fav piece of lingerie
  • Know your photographer
  • Make sure the room is WARM (This is on the photographer more than the model, but like, request the room to be warm)
  • Make sure your photographer is legitimate, seriously. Don’t be tricked into some skeevy photoshoot. & always know that you can leave at any time if anyone makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Don’t forget to laugh and have fun. Not everything has to be so serious.

& Now for another list.


  • Mind & Body empowerment
  • Confidence booster
  • Definitely self-care
  • Fun!!

Another huge aspect of boudoir photography that I would like to mention is that the photos don’t need to be for anybody.

You can simply do the photoshoot for you and only you.

If you’re single, even better. The photos don’t need to go to anyone in particular. Just doing the shoot for yourself to look back on and be like, “I did that & it felt good” is soooo worth it. You don’t need to post the photos anywhere. You don’t need to show anyone. The photographers should never use your photos without consent. They’re your pics. Just for you.

Or on the flipside, post them to your social media. Send them to your significant other. Frame them and give them as a gift. My hair stylist from this shoot said I should frame mine, lol. Maybe hang it in the kitchen, you know. Feelin’ sexy as you make your coffee.

I’m kidding, but really. Boudoir shoots are fun for you to just do for yourself, & no one else needs to see them, unless you want them to.

COUPLES BOUDOIR…. is a fun experience that I have yet to dabble into. I am TRYYINNGGG to get Connor to do one with me. He wasn’t the happiest person when I started doing boudoir, so he agreed he would do one with me to see what it’s really like. Understandable, I mean, most people might be a little skeptical of their s/o stripping down infront of strangers. But, it’s strictly professional, & always should be. However – another problem is the cost. They can get expensive. Neither of us can afford to drop money on a photoshoot right now. I’m tempted to try doing one ourselves with a tripod, but then there becomes issues of self-timers, angles, and lighting. We don’t really have a place to do it either. HOWEVER, if YOU do, maybe try doing a little boudoir shoot at home as a warm up!

For more on boudoir shoots, I really like this quick little blog post. However, boudoir is NOT just for brides!! You can do it at any time! As long as you’re over 18, obviously, let’s not be stupid.

Also, something I forgot to mention for fashion deeetzzzzz.. the garter belt & stockings I am wearing in these photos are from Modcloth, but like, agesssss ago. & they don’t currently have any garter belts on their site. There are plenty of other places to get one, though. Victoria’s Secret is not the only lingerie store on the planet. You could probably google “garter belt” & find ones that are cheaper or perhaps support a different company that you particularly enjoy. Otherwise, VS does have this similar looking one. & the sweaters in all the pics are not mine! They belonged to the folks on set.

Alright, that’s it for now. Stay safe & sexy xx

This blog is not yet affiliated with any brands. This post was not a paid advertisement, nor sponsorship. All content in this post is strictly from our own personal opinions on products that we use and like.

Opinions are all our own.


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