Barefoot & Battery-less

June 22, 2020
Long Trail to Sterling Pond

Our first hike of the season is definitely one for the books. I eventually want to post about most if not all of our hiking experiences on the blog as a sort of scrapbook, but for now we’ll start with our last one. I went to Vermont the last week of May and we decided to do a new trail. We have already been to Sterling Pond a couple of times, but instead of taking the main trail up, we took a section of the Long Trail… and we learned why it has its name.

Connor recently traded in his old camera for an upgrade. We were so excited for my week with him to play around with it. We did some shots around the city earlier in the week, but we wanted to go into the woods for a hike after his work week. So we set off to try a new trail we hadn’t done before that led to a place we have been before… aka most likely every hiking trail in VT. It feels like there are 10 different ways to get to the same pinnacle for each mountain. Or different ways to get down a mountain for skiing.. Still beautiful nonetheless. Can you tell I don’t get out much?

Anyway, we weren’t even a half hour up into the hike when we saw this really amazing staircase. Connor had never done this trail before either, which is rare, so we were both surprised to see this gorgeous staircase in the middle of a hike.

We stopped to take photos and Connor realized that his battery was about to die. Cue the -_- emoji. He hadn’t charged it prior to our hike. All the lolz. It was fine because I was looking rough. Listen, modeling is first and foremost my passion, but when I hike or exercise in general, I am disgusting. When I’m in the gym, I am full on beast mode. When I hike, I hike. I don’t wear make up, my hair is a mess, and I’m coated in seven layers of SPF. Disclaimer – I did try to do my hair for this hike, but the humidity just ruined it anyway. I’ll model like half way up a hike and then go down, but I’ll need my makeup done on the pinnacle, k? thx.

So we kept going, with a dead camera and no spare battery. We’re like two and a half hours in and we’re still going up and we start saying to each other that this hike was a lot longer than we thought. It wasn’t super steep, but there were a few rock scrambles and a couple of steep climbs. Anyway, it took us nearly three and a halfish hours to the top of Sterling. We had already made the excellent decision to take the short main trail back down while we were still on our way up.

After eating our lunch, we hiked back down. It was wet, muddy, and we were definitely tired. For our first hike of the season, this was a bit advanced for us. I’ve done a twelve hour hike before like twelve years ago when I was a preteen, & I never want to do that again. Like, 6-8 is my limit. Ok? Even that’s pushing it. Anyway, this hike took us six hours. By the time we got down the mountain, we had to walk back to the entrance of the long trail. So we hiked the main road through Smuggler’s Notch (heh. heh. heh. geddit) back to the car.

Apart from all the tiny orange salamanders we saw on this hike (which I thought were fake children’s toys until Connor picked one up), we also saw a guy around our age hiking up Sterling barefoot. He had sunkissed skin, tattoos, and long dreadlocks. I yelled out to him, “Your feet are going to get soaked!” referring to all of the mud and puddles we stepped in at the natural fault of erosion. He shouted back, “that’s the fun part!”

“I wish I could do that, my feet aren’t tough enough.” Connor said. Well, ultimately we felt inspired by this guy and decided to kick our boots off our aching feet once we got off the mountain. We hiked the main road back to the car barefoot. It was about a mile or so, but it felt like several. I had swung my boots over my back and was holding onto my shoelaces like they were the string to a sack. Very Lumber Jane if I do say so myself. We both toughened the bottoms of our feet that day.

All in all, it was still a wonderful hike. I feel accomplished each time I finish a hike, but also incredibly excited to get home and rest.


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