hello hello hello my loves. as you can see my site looks a little different.

here’s the deal. I am boiling over with creative energy and I need a space to let it flow.

lover’s notch has shifted to a micro-blog on Instagram only, so this space could be dedicated to my modeling, but more importantly, my words I so desperately need to let out.

Connor and I are still happily together and well and you can follow our adventures via @loversnotch on instagram.

Instead of creating a whole new blog, I decided to keep this one and just give it a little makeover. I want to keep all of my old posts because they still speak from my soul. I ran into the issue of not having a lot to write about with the blog just being dedicated to my long distance relationship with Connor. Which is good I guess! But I didn’t just want to discuss our hikes. I want to use my photos to tell & share stories. I want to use my photos to speak my mind and share opinions. I want to share my poetry. I have a lot more to offer creatively if I open my writing space to just be well, all me!

& of course I’ll still write about my ldr with Connor. He is my heart and soul. Just.. going to share more of other things as well.

Most of my stories will likely not align with the photos at all, but like, you know, imagine they do.

My website is still a work in progress. Even buying the domaine was a stretch for me, but it just felt right. You know? Like it was time I expand my platform from just Instagram. Soooooo, please excuse the likely boring theme, simplicity, and not the cutest fonts. I’m new here. It’s a work in progress. Like all things.

emma x


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