we did a mock wedding!

October 24, 2020
Photo by Andrea Godfrey of The Spell Society
July 15, 2020

AND it was published! You can read specific details about the mock wedding over on the Green Wedding Shoes Blog here. I’m not here to talk about the details or promote the designers. I do allllllll of that & more on my instagram. I want to talk about the experience.

All three images by Andrea Godfrey

I get asked a lot how I get to do stuff like this. The answer was simple this time: Instagram! The owners of The Spell Society found me on instagram through a hashtag (#nymodels I believe) and sent me a message asking if I wanted to do a mock wedding. Of course I said “UMMMMM, YES PLEASE!!” after doing extensive research that it was not a scam.

Photo by Andrea Godfrey

Honestly, I would have done this for free. I don’t do much modeling for free anymore unless it’s a really creative idea. This was something I had been wanting to do for a long time. Adding bridal to my portfolio was *chef’s kiss*. The payment was a cherry on top.

Photo by La Boutique Photography

SOO, leading up to this magical day, I thought there would be other models. I was starstruck to findout that Connor and I were the only models. That meant that like twenty different photographers would be rotating to shoot pics us at all times. This is literally my dream.

Convincing Connor to do it wasn’t a problem. He liked modeling with me as he had done it a few times. I’m grateful for him in many ways, but this is one of them.

Photo by Brooke Hill

And we were able to get my new favorite photo of us.

Photo by Andrea Godfrey

I was IN. MY. ZONE. throughout this shoot. Twenty different people going “Emma look here!” “Emma over here!” flash-flash-flash! Ugh! It was my heaven. Obvisouly I love my picture taken, I love being the center of attention. Having this entire venue rented out just for us to do this shoot was so magical and I cannot thank everyone involved enough.

Photo by Jordan Jankun of the Spell Society

I have been trying to promote photos from each photographer on my instagram, but unfortunately not off of them have sent me content.

Photo by Cassandra Daye

The event was held at Foxfire Mountain House in the Catskills. Connor and I met up at my uncles house in Albany then drove to and back the day of the shoot. The shoot lasted about seven hours or so. It was so beyond magical. Every detail from the venue to the lagoon, the florals, the rentals. Ugh! The COLORS! The retro vintage vibes and Brigitte Bardot hair were giving me major “Mad Men” vibes when Don married Megan. The colors were an autumnal dream, although the shoot was during the summer. I love the way Green Wedding Shoes described it as “vintage” and “cinnamon” and “bordeaux.” It’s such a vibe.

Photo by Andrea Godfrey

I should mention it was very covid-compliant. This was over the summer when things were still messy (will it ever end?… All the photographers wore masks and kept a distance. We were the only models. The hair stylist and MUA also wore masks. We had santizer everywhere. Don’t come at me.

Photo by Cassandra Daye

I’m sure the big question here is, “so did you & Connor feel anything?? Like a predicament of the future?? A glimpse of what is to come???” We thought we would. Connor wanted to wait to see me in the wedding dress, but he ended up helping me get into it. It was actually quite large on me and we had to pin it with one of those industrial size chip-clips.

Photo by Andrea Godfrey

It was neat to see some of our future wedding vision come to life. The colors were very on point to what we have talked about in the past. I would definitely argue that the whole extravaganza was far more than any wedding we’d ever have. We don’t want to get crazy.

Photo by Jordan Jankun

All in all, it was such a magical day and I cannot thank everyone enough for allowing it to happen. Be sure to check out the post on Green Wedding Shoes or my instagram for all the nitty gritty details of this shoot. Connor and I have another mock elopment photo shoot coming up soon, and we’re stoked!

Photo by Andrea Godfrey

x emma


I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but as I was looking at your photos I couldn’t help but notice you have a very large nose. And it’s a shape you usually don’t see in models or Instagram influencers. How do you stay so confident with features that aren’t typically deemed as society’s standard of beautiful and find your angles in photos?

Because I know I’m good at what I do and think I’m hot as shit.
I’m gonna write a blog post on confidence. You inspired me. Also, my nose fits my face perfectly. All influencers prob have the same nose bc they prob have the money to buy it. I’m broke. It is what it is. You work with what you have.

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