Hi, I'm Emma

About Me

I have a BA in English Literature and I am almost done with my Masters in the same field. In 2018, I self-published a small book of poems called Bittersweet and while I am still writing poetry here and there, I've recently adopted a longer narrative style which you’ll find on my blog.

I believe confidence is our greatest asset and I hope to inspire that through my work. I have bilateral hearing loss and wear hearing aids, but I never let that inhibit my ability to execute my craft.

I love to play with fashion and I like to think of myself as a modern day Audrey Hepburn. My day-to-day style is all black everything, but I also love to play dress-up and try different styles. Most of my outfits because most come from vintage stores, second-hand shops, or my mom's closet; but whether you need me to be street-style, sporty, bridal, boho, cottage-core, or dressed like David Bowie walking a runway in a g-string & five inch heels, I’m your girl. Here you will find my latest work, personal stories, a little fashion, a little beauty, and maybe a poem or two.

I’m a freelance model & content creator residing in Syracuse, NY with my bunny and two cats. I’m passionate about capturing life in a creative & authentic way. My passion for modeling began in high school when I was in photography class & quickly learned that I preferred being in front of the camera. Most of my assignments ended up being self-portraits & the obsession started!

Since then, I have been rejected from modeling agencies due to my 5’6 height, so I decided to go into business by myself for myself as a freelance model. I started creating content for brands organically by tagging them in the photos I was posting for modeling & found the perfect balance between the two. I love to work with photographers from all around, but I also do a lot of my own images + editing myself. I primarily shoot digital, but I’ve recently decided to get back into film photography as well.

What I do

My passion for modeling began when I was twelve & did a “model runway camp” & then returned when I was in photography class in high school. My self-portraits were winning awards so I thought, “hey, maybe I should try to take this somewhere.” When my 5’6 height didn’t get agencies attention, I decided to do it myself. In the past three years I have done several fashion shows, worked with all sorts of photographers, & have been published in online magazines + website homepages.

Creating content for brands happened organically by tagging them in the photos I was posting. I quickly discovered this as the way to model on MY terms for brands that I love. It worked out as the perfect balance between modeling and influencing. I still have a lot of work to do, but I’m excited & passionate about this new venture. I’ve worked with brands such as ModCloth, Cured Nutrition, WooMorePlay, & many more..

My book was born from posting poems to my Tumblr. People were reblogging them & sending me messages about how much my poetry helped them get through tough times. As a result, I got the idea to compose them into a little book that would be available for easy access. I never intended for this book to get very big, so I only did marking on IG and at poetry readings. It was just something small I wanted to do for the people supporting my poetry.

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