Barefoot & Battery-less

5-30-20Long Trail to Sterling PondVermont Our first hike of the season is definitely one for the books. I eventually want to post about most if not all of our hiking experiences on the blog as a sort of scrapbook, but for now we'll start with our last one. I went to Vermont the last week… Continue reading Barefoot & Battery-less

Goals & Ambitions: as a Couple & as Individuals

Emma & Connor12-28-19Syracuse, NYPhoto by Erin WilleyHer: Coat - Urban Outfitters, similarHis: Coat - LL Bean, similar With being two months into 2020, we figured it's probably time we post our goals; but this isn't going to be type the New Year's Resolution posts you may be used to. We're a little late to the… Continue reading Goals & Ambitions: as a Couple & as Individuals